A visit to a IDDU’S FAST.FINE.ITALIAN Snack & coffee bar offers Mediterranean pleasure enjoyment in a relaxed, sophisticated atmosphere.

Sapori mediterranei! – Mediterranean flavour! A claim that each and every IDDU‘S Snack & coffee bars must live up to, every day. Guests feel they are absorbed into the Mediterranean world of IDDU’S FAST.FINE.ITALIAN as soon as they enter the bar. The IDDU’S FAST.FINE.ITALIAN is a classic Italian Snack & coffee bar with upscale ambience and a balanced gastronomic offer. The fragrance of „Tavola Calda“ fills the air, you can feel the relaxed atmosphere, the southern Mediterranean lightness and joy of life.

The display cabinet is filled with Italian delicacies.The Italian Cuisine is one of the most tasty in the world! Let us seduce you with our delicacies – high quality handmade and Sicilian traditionally produced. Your orders are every day freshly baked.

Our food is not "fast food" it is...